Fela Leifer and Bronia Milch

36" x 36" oil on cradled panel

Fela Leifer & Bronia Milch, 2019

Oil on cradled panel

36 x 36 in.

Ella Milch-Sheriff

Fela Leifer & Bronia Milch

Musical composition

Fela Leifer with her Aunt Bronia Milch, date unknown

Reproduction of a gelatin silver print

Collection of Lusia Milch

Fela was born in 1938 in Kozowa, Poland, which is now in Ukraine. She is pictured with her aunt, Bronia Milch. In the spring of 1943 Fela, her brother David, Bronia, and other family members were slaughtered by the Nazis. They are buried in a mass grave in Kozowa.